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If there are missing pieces in your siding, water can get through and damage the walls in your home. This cannot only cause issues with the siding panels, but cause extensive damage to your interior walls, insulation, and structural integrity.


If the weather barrier is exposed, this puts your home at risk. Tears, rips, or breaks in the barrier can allow water and the elements to seep into your home's exterior walls. This can lead to additional issues like water damage, wood rot, and structural damage.


If your siding has cracks or broken pieces, this can lead to additional problems. It can expose the weather barrier, which could then rip or tear, leading to water damage in your home.  Those cracks or broken pieces can allow water to get behind the panels. In the winter, this can freeze and cause further damage to the siding and your home.


Many siding issues are caused because the siding was improperly installed or lacked the required components to ensure proper protection and product longevity. Improper installation can lead to leaks and water damage to your home. Addressing them is key to protecting your home.


Over time, siding will show signs of fading due to damage from the UV rays and elements like rain and snow. Replacing your siding cannot only improve the curb appeal to your home but also add to your home value.

Possible signs you need new siding:

When you are looking for new siding, take a look a these qualities before making your decision: Moisture Resistance, Energy Efficiency, Durability, Warranty, and Aesthetics/Beauty. We at Wagler & Son's Roofing will walk you through the decision making process and help you choose the best option for you and your home.

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